American Cleaning Institute Response – Proposed FDA Rules on Healthcare Antibacterial Products

Washington, D.C. – April 30, 2015 – The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) issued the following response to proposed rules by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) governing over-the-counter antiseptic healthcare products:

“We strongly agree with the Food and Drug Administration’s recommendation that healthcare personnel continue to use antiseptic products as they currently do. These soaps, washes, alcohol rubs, hand scrubs and pre-operative skin preparations are critical to infection control for patients and healthcare workers alike,” said Richard Sedlak, ACI Executive Vice President, Technical & International Affairs.

“We believe that the FDA already has in its hands a wealth of scientific data that details the safety and effectiveness of these critical antiseptic products. These products have been used safely and effectively by healthcare workers for decades.

“While manufacturers have submitted extensive data already, we will continue working with the FDA and provide the necessary information to answer their questions. We need to ensure these products remain available to help save lives in thousands of hospitals and healthcare settings across the United States.”


 The American Cleaning Institute® (ACI) is the Home of the U.S. Cleaning Products Industry® and represents the $30 billion U.S. cleaning products market.  ACI  members include the formulators of soaps, detergents, and general cleaning products used in household, commercial, industrial and institutional settings; companies that supply ingredients and finished packaging for these products; and oleochemical producers.  ACI (www.cleaninginstitute.org) and its members are dedicated to improving health and the quality of life through sustainable cleaning products and practices.


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