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  • ACI - Analysis on Antibacterial Ingredient Safety Misses the Mark on Accuracy: http://t.co/2miSc3f3lM
    - Wednesday Aug 13

    Use antibacterial wipes to tackle those icky germs on TV remote controls in hotel rooms (via Huff Post): http://t.co/Cg17WuAm1g
    - Thursday Jul 17

    Detailed, science-based comments to FDA reveal breadth of safety, benefits data on antibacterial soaps: http://t.co/rgnoJy7brE (PDF)
    - Wednesday Jul 2

    Antibacterial soaps "critical to public health" b/c of "the importance hand hygiene plays" in infection prevention: http://t.co/C7W6C2ug2s
    - Wednesday Jul 2

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The industry strives to go beyond the regulatory standards for antibacterial products to ensure consumers are using safe products. Over the years, as shown below, cutting edge science has proven, and continues to prove, the safety and effectiveness of antibacterial products and ingredients.

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Antibacterial products have been assessed and approved as safe and effective by regulatory bodies around the world. Product safety is the top priority of the personal care products industry. Companies continuously work to maintain the highest safety standards for all antibacterial products.

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